Turning into my ST outfit 17th jan

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Turning into my ST outfit 17th jan

Post by Mickyj on Tue Jan 17, 2012 11:38 am

Well I decided to have a flick at west lakes today and ended up on a beach on the island .First beach I hit I had the wind over my shoulder (to begin with anyway) .
Casting and walking wasn't looking good couldnt see any fish following this lue . When I was on and it had to be a ST . Fish went off managed to land this one .

And one with the lure

A few more paces and I'm on again another small st lost it .Few more paces same again .Then quiet for awhile and the wind changes direction casting gets harder and I'm on with a tiny bream .lost it bugger .Lots of follows no hits .
Swapped sides and changed luree standing on a rockwall I can see the larger bream follow this lure .No hits cast out by the pylons of the bridge and bang im on with another ST and somehow managed to land this up the rocks!!

So once again lots of follows from some very large bream no fish .Decided there was still plenty of time left i headed to the next beach .Wind was behind me for the most part at this new beach .A couple of small lure hits and follows but no more fish .
3 hours latter I was heading home with my ST rig Smile

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