The pat again 19th jan

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The pat again 19th jan

Post by Mickyj on Thu Jan 19, 2012 4:29 pm

Well having my birthday as a rest day and spending time with my kids , i ate so much food yesterday lol .One of the things I did was stop into tackleworld even though I really didnt need to buy another lure this holiday period I did lol thats 10 in 2 weeks lmao.
Anyway so I got to the Pat knowing there would be very little tide movement I was hopeful of some wind to help with surface movement!!
So I attached the new lure a nice gold black and orange belly creation (yes i have a couple like that already lmao).And a few casts couple of things started to happen .I swear one of the gates was open and closing on and off ! Plus this new lure wasn't getting any action no follows and the second thing started to happen the trebles kept getting caught in each other .
One more cast with this lure and I'll swap to a different one .Whambang I'm on and this bream is going off like none before it .Jumping high out the water up the rock wall and finally I landed a nice 28cm Bream .

Sorry about the shadow I was trying to be quick and get this fish back .
Another one with a close up of the lure

Now thats what I call a good birthday present to myself .So I continued on my way and everytime I thought I'll swap lures a small hit .I did drop small bream on my flicking adventure .But nothing more took this lure .
Once on the city side of the pat I swapped over to a small mini crank in a blue colour . But a great deal of this side of the lake had no surface movement once away from the bridge the tiny bream even disappeared .
So going over the barrage bridge gate thingee one was open .Most propbably due to a great deal of water gushing out by the skate park .I was back on the otherside of the lake heading to my car .
Flicking away with this blue lure .Then what I can only say I have only ever seen on fishing shows almost happened to me .Two fish come out of nowhere tiny 1 takes the lure the other fish thats 4 times the length starts chasing and trying to grab the smaller fish .Awesome sight for a few seconds and I got tiny ashore .Part of me wanted the bigger fish to swallow the tiny one lure and all Smile
And here is the lucky tiny fish

hopefully he was still lucky when i returned him home .
Anyway nothing was going on I was having trouble casting into the wind .But I did manage it and to if the above was strange enough .Out of the wave action following my lure in the quieter water the mother of all BREAM .Frigging huge but you guessed it she turned around and swam back to the choppy water!!!
A few more casts didnt provide any more follows and I headed back to my car .What did I learn today the water was dirty as but still produced fish !! With the gate opening and closing that stirred up a few fish . Plus birthday gifts arent always useless !!!

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