Sun 22nd Jan last before going back to work

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Sun 22nd Jan last before going back to work

Post by Mickyj on Sun Jan 22, 2012 3:02 pm

Well I headed down to the pat for my last holiday session .What greeted me did not feel me with joy yes the water was back yay but no wind no movement on the surface .
I selected the japanese( sounds like the jap mafia) gold and orange lure that got me my legal on thursday.
Nothing not a follow not a hit in the dead still glass like water .So I moved on nothing much was going on .I walked and cast at anything I could there were schools everywhere of baitfish nothing .Structure wasn't firing either .
About halfway along the Pat "lake" I got a hit from a tiny rocket .Yep another one of those small ST's landed .They have shrunk the last 5 or 6 years IMHO.

After I realeased it I got another hit from one but lost it .So I kept walking and flicking .Nothing nada zip .Reached the spots that produced during the week nothing again .The wind was just starting to get going at this stage but it was only in the middle section of the water.
Crossing the barrage brdige I swapped the gold lure for a blue one .Wasn't really working either no water movement the only thing going off were the baitfish .Even casting around them produced nothing!!!
So I just kept going and casting .Again at the halfway mark on this side I got a hit from a small ST but lost it .A few more metres a fair bit more surface action from the wind and I was on !!! Just a tiny Bream .

close up of the lure

Now this was one tiny hungry bream with my spirts raised I kept on my quest.Flicking and walking I only got 1 more follow, from a nice size bream at a shallow beach .
This was decision time it was 9am .Do I go home or do I try a spot I scouted on Friday during the dodge tide .So I trekked on to a new spot got a follow .Then more follows and more follows legal bream followed .Then nothing moved on again more follows and then I swapped back to the gold lure .
Straight away I'm on Still not legal but it was a bream all of 17cms .

Heres a shot of the lure

So I kept at it for another 1/2 hour got so many follows from bream of all sizes from tiny to large .Didnt land another fish had a hit .But that as they was it.My leave was over and that was my fishing done until aussie day lol.

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