19th feb finally back for a flick

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19th feb finally back for a flick

Post by Mickyj on Sun Feb 19, 2012 1:07 pm

Its been a couple of weeks since I have been able to get out and have a flick .So with baited breath lol I headed out this morning,had a couple of new lures to try .Tides didn't look right but I thought lets have a try any way .
Got down to my parking spot at the pat .And with some young kids throwing rocks in the water.I started my flicking session using one of my two new yozuri lures .Started out with one that was a milk coffee colour purple stripes and chrome belly.
Straight away I was getting follows from tiny bream .Thinking this was a good sign as the surface of the water was dead calm .Next cast I was hit by a small ST.Managed to get it to the rock wall only to lose it half way up arrgghh.
Continued on my way was still getting follows no hits .Then it all went quiet there was wave movement on top but nothing from the fish .This continued on until I swapped sides .
With increasing water craft traffic I was forced to time my casts with their passing.
This was something I picked up from my time fishing west lakes and dragon boats passing .Worked and I had a hit from a larger ST which of course I dropped again argghh.
So about halfway along this side I decided to swap to my second new yozuri lure .This one was blue on top chrome halfway along and orange on the belly .Straight away the follows from undersized bream started up again .Didnt last for long and no hits .
As I approached the bridge things started to change .While I started to get some follows I, noticed not all of the fish were bream some longer thinner fish had enetred the frey .Didnt land any but I was getting some tiny hits I assume from whatever these fish were .This has happened before while using a blue hued lure in the pat .Something to follow up one day .
Anyway I started to find bream of all sizes but getting a hit was near impossible .With my time running up I got a hit and landed a tiny ST

Notice the blue lid for size comp
I kept going from shadow to shadow and got another tiny one

And that was it after 3 hours two tiny ST's but at least I was out there trying

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