Sunday 26th feb

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Sunday 26th feb

Post by Mickyj on Sun Feb 26, 2012 12:38 pm

Well after a week of being sick wasn't sure I'd have a flick or not .But after a night of not really sleeping i was out my door and hitting the water with lure.
Didnt do alot of walking today spent a great deal of my time in the marina .Not certain this was really a good thing when I started but when I changed sides I did see a few fish .Had a few small fish follow and hit the lure .Finally after an hour bang
Two pictures of this 21cm bream at least it was a bream, notice it fell to a gold yozuri .

When I did venture out into the lake propper not much was going one .Did manage a small ST .
Concentration plus here phones camera changed on me lmao

ok finally worked out the phone lmao and this one fell to a blue and chrome yozuri

And not certain if i was still feeling the affects or the weather that was it for me .I decided to head home lol that wore me out .

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