march 4th what a morning!!!

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march 4th what a morning!!!

Post by Mickyj on Sun Mar 04, 2012 3:05 pm

I set off for the Pat parked not in my normal spot .Looked at the sky put on a jacket and tied on a popper lure .Nothing zipp nada .
So I quickly tied on a the coffee and purple stripped Yozuri .Wasn't going well when a fishing mate wandered along .He had already landed 2 bream and a ST when we met .We talked and flicked he got a ST .Then I got one at roughly 7.30 am a half an hour of fishing for me!!

We kepy casting and flicking and I said IMHO with the wind at our backs bet all the bream are on the other side .Parted company for a short time saw him again in a nice location and he was showing me a 38cm Bream .I threw around in the same area for nothing.
Now heading back to the other side of the Pat I swapped yozuris for that killer gold black and orange one.
Started off the same as before nothing ran into my mate again said I'll keep going .
Rest gets a little blury lets just say I kept walking and casting at "Structure" heres the results largest Bream I personally landed was only 26cm but it fought very well and I thought it was going to bust me off lmao .

Now hopefully thats all of them I know I got very hot in my jacket lmao .I just kept walking and casting did lose a few tail spitters .But all in all what a morning .First and last fish caught on the seaward side of the Pat .
That was well worth getting up and having a flick

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