Friday Flick 30th march 2012

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Friday Flick 30th march 2012

Post by Mickyj on Fri Mar 30, 2012 1:41 pm

Well the last two weeks didn't work well for me fishing wise .The large amount of water from that Wednesday night dirtied the Pat up for the last 2 weeks .And with a foot injury I had decided not to walk the entire length or try the poo bowl either .Wasn't sure to drive or walk to each new spot.
So with baited breath I drove to the Pat before dawn .From what I could tell the water looked ok .Had a couple of casts and watched with dismay as a very nice sized Bream followed my chrome blue and oranged bellied Yozuri .
Undeterred I tryed a couple more casts nothing .I then cast towards some disturbance in the water not far from my car park .And bang a smallish Salmon Trout was trying to fight me.

Sorry for this picture it was still Dark and I used my phone case to show size .
Bouyed that I had broken the drought of my last two weeks I continued on .At this stage I had decided to slow down my fishing .Instead of 1 or 2 casts in a single spot I tried 4 or more just to slow myself down .Not my retrieving just the amount of time spent in each area.
Anyway I kept walking and casting and trying to vary where each cast went .From in close to out further and deeper .With more follows from small Bream than I've had in 3 weeks I was getting a wee bit frustrated .
But then I was hit in close by a larger fish and sure enough after a much bigger battle on my 2lb braid .I landed a very nice 27cm Bream in the dawn light which had taken both trebles.

With my old fishing knife I used for comparison and here's a close up on the under belly of the lure!

So with that fish under my belt I looked further up the Pat .Knowing I couldn't without injurying myself worse (well my hiking boots were oh so comfy lol), I crossed to the other side of the pat .Wont say if I drove or walked lol just to protect my spot lmao.
Anyway from 1 rock wall to another rock wall on the otherside .I kept getting follows from tiny bream .Really getting frustrated that the surface was calm in spots and that large bream were getting spooked I kept going on my way.
Nearing the End of my session I got a nice hit from a smaller Bream and a smaller 22 cm gets landed.

And one showing the same lure as before

Basicly that was my session short sharp and fish landed what a way to start a Friday !!

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