Morning at the Windy Pat

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Morning at the Windy Pat

Post by Mickyj on Sat Mar 31, 2012 5:32 am

Well no footy today so off I headed to the Pat .I was hoping for a wee bit more surface action from the wind .
What I got was a cold wind that felt like it was straight off the south pole lmao.
So not very much to report not many fish seen to start with did get some small Salmon Trout .Well not so true I should have snapped a picture of some strange fish schooling in the over head light they looked wierd maybe some kind of puffers they did attempt to mouth lure number 1 .
I started the day with baby crank lure had a wee bit of trouble casting into the wind and getting the lure down deep enough so I switched to the good ole gold black and orange yozuri resisted using the chrome 1 two days in a row !!
Number 1 in the dark

Number 2 went off like a crack addict no way I could keep it on the lawn lol

Number3 was caught in a different spot for me I should have put a towel down .And to my eyes it was the biggest of the three . It well and truly swallowed the treble which was good as I had to lift that fish some height to land it !!!

PS Not my cig butt lol

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