Sunday 1st april

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Sunday 1st april

Post by Mickyj on Sun Apr 01, 2012 6:00 pm

Well thankfully daylight savings ended and the cat woke me up at 4.30 am .So I was up and ready to fish EARLY ( damn friggin cat lmao)
Any way I got to the Pat pre dawn and off I went . Now I was determined to walk only a short distance again today,hopefully if I get back to the long walk next week .
Any way I was in the water early a few follows in the dark . And I made sure I was retrieving slowly . By 6am I had landed this little 21cm Bream I couldnt take a picture of its mouth but I think it swallowed my lure and a slightly smaller bait fish . I think u can just see it sticking out its mouth.

and the close up

After this fish I moved along not much was going on.What I thought were Salmon Trout were jumping notthing was biting .Then this little Salmon Trout took my lure

Crossing to the otherside..... of the Pat lmao .And waiting for the sun to rise more I was wandering and casting I came across some sunlight . And I was on again with another 21cm Bream

And the close up

After this I wandered over to one my favourite areas of the Pat . But it was still to early for this area to produce I did get surprised by another small Salmon Trout

And at this point my fishing really ended .I managed to meet one of the locals of my age . And it was one of those for the grace of god there goes me . I think he felt way better for talking to me.
That was my weekend fishing wise .

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