Good Friday 2012

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Good Friday 2012

Post by Mickyj on Fri Apr 06, 2012 12:35 pm

Well the cat was warned dont wake me up at 4.37 or else !! So she didnt she woke me at 4.28am lmao oh well I needed to get up and go fishing anyway lmao.
Anyway once me and the cat had breaky off I set .
Could have been it was good friday or where I parked as it was still in that part of the Pat .But the morning had an erie feeling to it pre dawn someone in one of the houses was playing music loud .And when a large bird flew out of a tree and over my head I woke up lmao.
Anyway by that time I was rigged up and ready to fish .Didnt take to long perhaps cast 3 or 4 and a very slow retrieve I was on with my first Bream of the day !!!
Not a huge fish measuring only 22cm but it was a fatty sorry about the picture but it was 6am and darkish lol

So moving along I found some largish fish perhaps mullet that were getting rather friendly with each other and not interested in feeding .And they were on the surface .Found a school of Salmon Trout which were'nt hungry either .So I kept casting and walking.
Half an hour after fish number 1 and a police car that checked me out second time in a week fishing lol . I was on nothing large just a Salmon Trout or is it a Tommy you cant see it but it had black in its tail !!

At this stage it went rather quiet Salmon Trout were jumping nothing was biting .I had the odd mini me Bream follow and try to suck the lure to death .But there was nothing much going on .Thinking of my achilles injury I had to toss up keep going or go to the other side of the Pat!!.
With the sky at that stage covered in heavy dark cloud and no shadows cast on the water.I decided to head to the other side of the Pat.Now I resisted trying one of my favourite spots as it was still to early in the am .
So as I had done in the past at another fishing location I tried a beach .Lots of follows from mini me bream . With four casts and an even slower retrieve I landed this really small but bigger than the mini me bream in the teens I'm afraid .But the shot shows it took the lure in the lip was well and truly hooked.

I kept going but decided to head back to one of my preferred spots .With the wind at my back I managed another small Salmon tout

Then began a period that was just as slow as my time on the other side .Alas this time I could see the bream and they could see me .I just couldnt get a hit and with no sun for shadows I couldnt hide and the wind was coming and going .
I did however land one more Salmon Trout solid hit and although you can not tell it was the largests Salmon Trout of the day much bigger and I would have got the tape measure out lol.

So that was my almost 3 hours at the Pat nothing huge but fun !!
Happy Easter everyone

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