Easter Sunday 2012

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Easter Sunday 2012

Post by Mickyj on Sun Apr 08, 2012 9:46 am

Well it ended up a very quick flick today , I was intending to walk and cast the entire Pat .But my Achilles injury weather the Fish well they went off the bite very fast.
So I go down to the pat pre dawn again and after a couple of casts had my frist bream landed just before 6 am. It wasn't huge but a solid 22cm that put a smile on my dial and she did fight well.

I kept walking and casting for what seemed hours when I landed this out of focus lol Salmon Trout !! I measured this one as it put up a nice fight all of 20cm

Not the very next cast but just about bail arm wasn't closed the lure didnt move .And this tiny out of focus Salmon Trout was hitting the lure and landed .

So my morning was coming along nicely !! Just a few more metres and a large hit water going every which way .This lovely fat bream put up a great fight in shallow water and my heart was pumping !!!

So with my heart pumping I kept going but after that first hour that was it, I stayed for almost 3 walked a fair distance . Achilles was playing up the fish went off the bite and the rain came .So I headed home happy and wanting more fish lol.

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