Sorry late pictures and todays flick

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Sorry late pictures and todays flick

Post by Mickyj on Sun Apr 22, 2012 12:49 pm

Well firstly sorry for the late pictures football and health put me off last week. Was a very tough Sunday last week.Very little water in the pat and the gates being open .I only managed 2 Salmon Trout

Totally different today lots of water and a cold wind blowing .Arrived way to early and have to admit I walked one side of the pat.And didnt get a follow swapping to my 3rd lure of the morning a $5 Big W buy .Produced a follow then a snag then a tiny Bream that shook the lure once on the surface !!
Not much happened I couldnt fish many of my favourite spots due to the wind .But when I could I landed a small 20cm Bream

And then a 20cm Salmon Trout which fought better than the Bream LOL

Then back to my car that was it at least I had a flick !!!

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