bit of a laugh

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bit of a laugh

Post by Mickyj on Sun May 06, 2012 12:50 pm

Went back to a couple of West Lakes Beaches I haven't tried in a year or so .Had limited time tried with a rush of blood seeing the movement on the water by the wind .Started with a reverse crystal popper lots of follows from fish both large and small no hits or hook ups .Threw on a normal popper nothing .
Switched over to a clear strike pro prawn that's when I decided I was just going to have FUN . With about 12 yakers (I think could have been less lol) going up and down from me .Thought this is now tough .
Nothing serious was going to happen cast this prawn into some rocks and weed . Didnt even know I had a fish time for a laugh lure was bigger !!

Went a bit further along the rock wall I was walking accross damned if the bream started to jump at the prawn before it went under .No hook ups but a few jumps .
Did manage another tiny bream

And then the cold came in a few rain spots while I could find the bigger fish they wouldnt take a lure .

So only jokes guys nothing serious only posted these as I 'm having a laugh at myself Smile

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