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Been awhile

Post by Mickyj on Sun Nov 04, 2012 11:56 am

Well its been awhile since i posted anything to do with fishing .While I was going winter and just after winter the fishing dies off .Both west Lakes and the Pat get this rather awful weed growing through out the water ways .
Having said that and getting awoken by the cat , knowing it was alos going to be hot . I got out of bed as quick as i could Laughing .
The first part of the Pat I fished was weed free Very Happy .That gave me a great chance or so I thought no fish follows . No fish of ny size swimming around .As I ventured furthered out in the lake section more and more weed .I did get a small touch on my lure and after a few more casts in that area no fish I moved on.
Cursing myself for fishing the pat and not west lakes I scared off a rather nice looking bream tail.
Then nothing I kept casting and walking nothing.The amount of weed had pissed me off and I was heading home . When I scared off a group of large bream off the steps .
Not quite giving up I headed for an area that "NORMALLY" hold Bream and ST's .Nothing then after an hour and half my little 1000 reel was screaming bend in the rod .
What looked like a nice fish from above turned into a tiny 22cm bream !!!

So I'm back on the bream board Laughing

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