Another jewie

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Another jewie

Post by Mickyj on Fri Mar 07, 2014 9:48 am

Yep got to the Pat and the wind was a blowing . Thought is it to rough ?
ST's were jumping so that gave me some hope !!
I wont bore everyone to long . Took me a short time(felt like an hour) landed a tiny ST . Nothing then nothing kept slowing down the retrieve and finally(felt like two hours had gone by they hadn't) BANG!!
Yep another 40 cm jewie

And yes I did have the drag too lose kept tightening it and I love the run in these things god I do !! And when they come up to the top love it !! This one is so pretty
Anyway when they that lure stopped getting attention I swapped to the one I bought yesterday landed a small bream on it !!
Final total
6 ST's on three different minnows
1 20cm bream
1 40cm jewie

And I cut the session short got learn to dress warmer on colder mornings . Still need a landing net lmao

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