Glenelg v Eagles 23 June Gliderol stadium

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Re: Glenelg v Eagles 23 June Gliderol stadium

Post by Mickyj on Wed Jul 04, 2018 7:00 am

spell_check wrote:
Mickyj wrote:I got our player wrong oops sorry about that but Joseph is a dirty thug
Glenelg defender Aaron Joseph has been offered a two-match ban with an early guilty plea for engaging in rough conduct with Eagles utility Ethan Haylock at Gliderol Stadium on Saturday.

Aaron Joseph (Glenelg) – Rough Conduct

Conduct: Intentional

Impact: Medium

Contact: Body

Base Sanction (Bad Record Loading): 3 Matches

Early Plea: 2 Matches

Joseph has until 10am on Tuesday to decide whether to contest or accept the charge.

Lost the appeal - three match suspension results

Thanks spelly

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